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Enriching The Mind One Child At A Time

Welcome to Dulili Learning Haven, where learning is an epic journey of laughter and excitement.

Our centres have created a wonderland of age-appropriate, movement-rich experiences that nurture your little one’s unique interests, learning level, excitement, and individuality. Our amazing educators will transform education into a thrilling adventure, making every day a discovery.

Dulili Learning Haven is much more than a learning centre.  Here, dreams take flight. Our all-inclusive approach combines interactive activities, skill development learning programs, and a world-class preschool curriculum, setting the stage for your little one’s remarkable growth in making new friends, self-discovery, and academic success.

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What to Expect

at A Dulili Centre

Meals Provided - Little Chefs Program

Everything our children consume is prepared fresh, on-site by our very own cook.

Daily Activities & Excursions

Promoting active lifestyle and new experiences!

Unique Playgrounds

Designed to encourage imagination and exploration!

Homely Environments

Homely Environments

Our Mission

We Pride Ourselves on Being So Much More Than a Childcare Facility

Dulili Learning Haven is an early learning centre that provides high-quality early education in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment. We believe that all children are unique and capable learners, and we support them in their development through play, exploration, and collaboration. We work closely with families to create a partnership that is essential to a child’s success. We are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.

Here are some specific details from your statement of philosophy that I incorporated into the mission statement:

  • The importance of family collaboration: "We work closely with families to create a partnership that is essential to a child's success."
  • The value of play-based learning: "We support them in their development through play, exploration, and collaboration."
  • The importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity: "We want children to develop a sense of belonging to their community, understanding and appreciating differences in culture, values, abilities, beliefs, language, traditions and backgrounds."
  • The value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • The importance of the natural environment: "We believe that the natural environment is important for children's long-term well-being and their responsibility as citizens of the earth. We also believe that environmental education is increasingly important for children, because it provides them with opportunities to learn about the natural world and how to protect it."
Why Choose Us

Our Core Values

Mealtime Rituals

Our fascinating mealtime rituals foster healthy eating, support children learn science adventurously, inculcate teamwork, develop hygiene, & teach responsibility.

Foster Sustainability

We embed sustainable practices in daily routines and engage our young people in discussions to make them environmentally responsible & bond with Mamma Earth.

Dulili Artists

Our art studio enable children build motor skills & neural connections, nurture problem-solving abilities, appreciate beauty, bond with peers, & deal with emotions safely.

Primary Caregiving

Designed with love, care & details, we’re a nurturing & safe haven for infants & babies to grow, explore, & have fun.

High-Quality Learning Programs

Our guided learning blends books, technology, art, & other learning experiences to help your child transition confidently to school and beyond.

Stimulating Environment

Our beautiful playscapes guide your energetic little ones to embark on their learning journey by kindling all their senses.

Our Philosophy

Our brand core value centers around 6 key principles: Sense of Belonging, Nurturing Environment, a Child-Centric Approach, Endless Opportunities, Partnership & Diversity, and Well-being & Continuous Improvement.

Our Team

When you trust your child to us at Dulili, rest assured that they will be guided by remarkable people – a constellation of talent, creativity, and passion united by a shared vision of nurturing children.

Our Vision

Create a fulfilling environment where children can feel safe & happy while learning, and parents feel contented with us in charge. Promote healthy development of emotional, physical, social & rational skills in every child.

Why Children Love Dulili

We Believe That Learning Is Much More Than Acquiring Knowledge

The best part about coming to a Dulili Centre is that your child is not just going to be learning in a safe and secure environment but that its also going to be Fun! This includes:

  • Government Approved Kindergarten Program
  • Art Program
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Education & Development Programs
  • Excursions
  • Incursions
  • Language Lessons
  • Music Lessons
  • Science
  • Sport Program
  • Technology
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Yoga
Our Centers

Learning Environments

Dulili caters for children from 0 – 5 years, with specific rooms for each age bracket


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